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Into the wilderness

Jungle treks

Trekking in the jungle of Bukit Lawang is a unique experience; whether you stroll through the lush green for a couple of hours, stay for one night at the river bank or you adventure into the depth of the forest on a 7-day hike.

Discovering North Sumatra


After exploring the jungle in Bukit Lawang, we take you to the most stunning places of North Sumatra: Elephant riding in Tangkahan, hiking Mount Sibayak near Berastagi, visiting Samosir Island in Lake Toba.

Discovering Bukit Lawang


Moreover, we offer cooking classes, handicraft workshops, BBQ at Landak River, rafting trips to Bohorok, tubing on Bohorok River in Bukit Lawang.

Village Tour Bukit Lawang

€50 incl. lunch

A guided tour around Bukit Lawang to experience local life and work: local brown sugar production, traditional bamboo mat weaving, rice fields and bat cave.

Whitewater Rafting

€80 incl. transport, rafting (ca. 4,5 hours) with crew and equipment, lunch

Whitewater rafting in Kaperas (around 2.5 hours from Bukit Lawang) on Sei Wampu River to Pamah Durian or Bohorok town.

Rafflesia Arnoldii

€50 incl. transport, lunch

See the largest individual flower on earth just two hours by car or motorbike from Bukit Lawang (seasonal, please ask us!)

100% of the entrance fee to Gunung Leuser National Park (150,000 Rupiah) go to the PHKA park rangers and benefit wildlife conservation and protection. All our guides are licensed by the Indonesian Guide Association (HPI Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia). Guide fees include three or at least two guides/assistants and campsite cook.

Rafting is possible most of the year; however, it might be cancelled if conditions are too rough.

Out of respect for nature and the orangutans we do neither feed nor touch the orangutans during our treks as these practices expose the orangutans to sickness and diseases and hinder the semi-wild population to become wild-living animals.

You will always be accompanied by three or at least two guides from our team to help you and make your adventure as enjoyable and safe for you as possible. Please choose a trek that suits your ability and physical condition.

If you are travelling alone and want to join other people, we will be happy to organise a group.
We can also arrange trekking for 1 person; however, prices will be higher.
If you are travelling in a group of more than 6 people, please contact us for information on trekking prices.

Endemic Species
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Different Plants

What you need to consider

General Information about Travelling in Sumatra

What happens when I get sick?

We are prepared for the usual minor sicknesses and injuries (upset stomach, rashes, scratches, bee stings…). The next doctor is around 5 km outside of Bukit Lawang and can help with fevers and common infections. In case of severe sickness or injury you will have to go to the hospital in Medan or even be brought to Singapore or Malaysia. We strongly recommend you to get travel health insurance which covers hospital fees in Indonesia or medical evacuation.

What is the weather going to be like?

Sumatra has mostly tropical climate – hot and humid. In North Sumatra the rainy season starts late September/beginning of October and lasts until the end of March or April and brings heavy rainfalls primarily in the night but as well during the day. The dry season from April to September comes with sunny days and occasional precipitations. Especially here in Bukit Lawang, right at the border of the jungle, rain is always a possibility. Temperatures are around 27 °C all year round. In the jungle, they can drop to 20 °C in the night. Humidity ranges between 70 and 95%. So when you come to Bukit Lawang be prepared for every eventuality: Bring sunscreen, a raincoat, light summer clothes and something warm for your nights in the jungle.

How long does it take from the airport to Bukit Lawang?

Road conditions are bad in Sumatra and city roads are overcrowded. Therefore, don’t be surprised that a 90km drive from Medan to Bukit Lawang can take up to 5 hours.