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Trekking and Lake Toba

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Trekking and Lake Toba

per person

The day following your 2 days jungle adventure in Bukit Lawang, you take a private car to Lake Toba. On the way you stop at the stunning Sipiso-Piso waterfall, visit Rumah Bolon, a traditional Simalungun house, and the grave of the Simalungun king. From Parapat at Lake Toba (9 hours from Bukit Lawang) you take the ferry to Samosir Island, the early land of the Batak people. The next day, after a good night’s sleep at Tabo Cottages, you experience Batak culture at Simanindo village. There, you see traditional Batak dancing and visit the grave of the Simanindo king. At Sialagan village you visit ancient Batak stone chairs and traditional houses. On your walk back to the hotel, you enjoy a gorgeous view over Lake Toba. After lunch you visit the small village of Tuk-Tuk and its traditional souvenir market. In the late afternoon and evening, you have time to relax and swim in the lake. The next day, an air-conditioned car takes you back to Medan/Kuala Namu Airport.

price per person (at least 2 persons)
€ 370
  • Departure Time
    9.00am start to the jungle
  • included
    transport from Medan/Kuala Namu Airport to Bukit Lawang
    2 nights accommodation in Bukit Lawang
    2 days jungle trek
    transport to Parapat
    ferry to Samosir Island
    2 nights accommodation at Tabo Cottages
    guided tour around Samosir
    transport to Medan/Kuala Namu Airport

Tour plan

Day 1
  • pick-up from Medan or KNO airport and (3.5 or 4.5 hrs) drive to Bukit Lawang
  • hotel check-in, welcome drink and last tips for next-days jungle trek
  • free afternoon/evening
Day 2
  • 9.00am start to the jungle
  • around 6 hrs trek to the campsite
Day 3
  • return from the trek around 3pm by rafting down Bohorok River
  • free afternoon
Day 4
  • 6.30am transport to Parapat (ca. 9 hrs)
  • visit to Sipisopiso waterfall and the traditional Batak Simalungun house Rumah Bolon on the way
  • 5.30pm ferry from Parapat to Samosir Island
  • 7pm hotel check-in on Samosir Island
Day 5
  • tour around Samosir Island with a visit to Simanindo village (traditional Batak dancing), Ambarita village (old Batak chairs), Sidabutar (grave of the king)
  • lunch on the way back and free afternoon for swimming in the lake and relaxing
Day 6
  • 12pm return transport to Medan/KNO airport



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